Craig Denegar

Professor Emeritus



Doctor of Physical Therapy Program


Academic Degrees:

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, State University of New York College: 1978

Master of Education with Specialization in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, University of Virginia: 1979

Master of Physical Therapy, Slippery Rock College: 1992

Doctor of Philosophy in Education with Specialization in Sports Medicine, University of Virginia: 1989


Areas of Expertise:

Orthopedic Physical Therapy



Craig Denegar, P.T., Ph.D., A.T.,C, is a professor in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in the Department of Kinesiology an a Fellow of the National Athletic Trainers Association. He teaches in the areas of therapeutic interventions, research methods and clinical epidemiology. Craig completed his Ph.D. in Sports Medicine at the University of Virginia and a MPT at Slippery Rock University.  Prior to moving to the University he served as an associate professor in the Departments of Orthopaedics and Kinesiology at Penn State.

Craig is the former Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Athletic Training and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine. He is the lead author of the text Therapeutic Modalities for Musculoskeletal Injuries, co-author of Research Methods: A Foundation for Evidence-based Practice and has written and presented numerous papers related to musculoskeletal rehabilitation and athletic health care.

He served as the Subject External Examiner, BSc Physiotherapy & MSc Physiotherapy Pre-Registration programs at University College Dublin from 2015-2019 and held an adjunct appointed at Duke University since 2012.


Funded Research:

Pain management in knee osteoarthritis

Achilles tendinopathy and tendon mechanics


Selected Publications/Presentations: 

Devaney LL, Denegar CR, Thigpen CA, Lepley AS, Edgar C, DiStefano LJ. Preseason Neck Mobility Is Associated With Throwing-Related Shoulder and Elbow Injuries, Pain, and Disability in College Baseball Pitchers. Orthop J Sports Med. [published online ahead of print, 2020 May 18] 2020


Davi SM, Lepley AS, Denegar CR, DiStefano LJ, Edgar CM, Lepley LK. Quadriceps Inhibition After Naturally Occurring Patellar Tendon Damage and Pain [published online ahead of print, 2020 Apr 29]. J Athl Train. 2020


Eason, C.M., Mazerolle, S.M., Pitney, W., Denegar, C., McGarry, J. An individual and organizational level examination of male and female collegiate athletic trainer’s work-life interface outcomes: Job satisfaction and career intentions. Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 12: 21-30. 2020


Jaffri AH, Newman TM, Smith BI, Denegar CR, Vairo, GL, Buckley W E, Miller SJ. Dynamic Leap and Balance Test (DLBT): Ability to Discriminate Balance Deficits in Individuals with Chronic Ankle Instability.

J Sports Rehabil. 29: 263-270, 2020


Root HJ, Frank BS, Denegar CR, Casa DJ, Gregorio DI, Mazerolle SM, DiStefano LJ. Application of a Preventive Training Program Implementation Framework to Youth Soccer and Basketball Organizations. J Athl Train. 54, 182-191, 2019.


Konin JG, Denegar CR. Professional Presentations for an International Audience. Athl Train Educ J. 14:323-328, 2019


Scarneo SE, DiStefano LJ, Stearns RL, Register-Mihalik JK, Denegar CR, Casa DJ.  Emergency Action Planning in Secondary-School Athletics: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Current Adoption of Best Practice Standards. J Athl Train 54:99-105, 2019.


Barrett JL, Mazerolle SM, Denegar CR. Challenges Facing New Educators: Expanding Teaching Strategies for Clinical Reasoning and Evidence-Based Medicine. Athl Train Educ J. 13:359-366, 2018


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Eason C, Mazerolle S, Burton L, McGarry J, Denegar CR. Validation of the Professional Identity and Values Scale among Athletic Trainers in the College Practice Setting. J Athl Train 53: 72-79, 2018.


Jensen CD, Stark JT, Powers JM, Jacobson LE, Leslie KL, Kinsella-Shaw JM, Joseph MF, Denegar CR. Implications of Thoracic Epidural Analgesia on Hospital Charges in Rib Fracture Patients.  Pain Med. 19:160-168, 2018.


Zaleski AL, Taylor BA, Pescatello LS, Thompson PT, Denegar CR. Performance of Wells Score to Predict Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism in Endurance Athletes. Phys Sports Med. 45:358-364, 2017.


Histen K, Arnsten J, L’hereux L, Heeren J, Wicki B, Saint S, Aerni G, Denegar CR, Joseph MF.  Achilles tendon properties in minimalist and traditionally shod runners. J Sports Rehabil.  26: 165-170, 2017.


Joseph MF, Histen K, Arnsten J, L’hereux L, DeFeo C, Lockwood D, Sheer T, Denegar CR.  Achilles tendon adaptations during transition to a Minimalist Running Style. J Sports Rehabil. 26:159-164, 2017.


Adams EL, Vandermark LW, J. Luke Pryor JL, Pryor RR, Vanscoy RM, Denegar CR, Huggins RA,  Casa DJ. Effects of heat acclimation on hand cooling efficacy following exercise in the heat. J Sports Sci. 35:828-834, 2017.


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Scarneo SE, Root HJ, Martinez JC, Denegar C, Casa DJ, Mazerolle SM, Dann CL, Aerni GA, DiStefano LJ. Landing Technique Improvements after an Aquatic-Based Neuromuscular Training Program in Physically Active Females. J Sports Rehab. 26:8-14, 2017.


Jensen CD, Stark JT, Jacobson LL, Powers JM, Joseph MF, Kinsella-Shaw JM, Denegar CR,  Improved outcomes associated with the liberal use of thoracic epidural analgesia in patients with rib fractures. Pain Med. 18:1787-1794, 2017.


Masslon DM, Takahashi A, Rodgers A, Foster A, Kennedy M, Victorson S, Joseph M, Denegar CR. Community-based progressive aquatic exercise for the management of knee osteoarthritis. Shafa Ortho J. 3(4):e7867, 2016.



2017 Dr. Peter Shulman Preceptor of the Year Award. UConn Migrant Farm Worker Clinic, Area Health Education Center Connecticut Network

2014 Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer. National Athletic Trainers’ Association

2010 Awarded Fellowship in the National Athletic Trainers’ Association

2007 Journal of Athletic Training Clint Thompson Award for Clinical Advancement. Craig Denegar and Missy Fraser. How Useful are Physical Examination Procedures? Understandingand Applying Likelihood Ratios

2004 Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society Distinguished Merit Award

2003 William G. Clancy, Jr. Medal for Distinguished Athletic Training Research from the National Athletic Trainers Association Research and Education Foundation



American Physical Therapy Association, 1990-Present

Connecticut Physical Therapy Association 2007- present; vice-president 2012-

National Athletic Trainers Association: Certified Athletic Trainer, 1978-present

Eastern Athletic Trainers Association, 1989-Present

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