Future Students

The Department of Kinesiology offers an undergraduate degree and three degrees at the graduate level. The application process and funding is unique to each program. Please see individual program pages for more information.

Athletic Training

Athletic trainers are medical professionals who work to facilitate prevention, diagnosis, and intervention related to certain conditions impacting physical exertion both on and off the sports field. These may include muscle strains, ligament sprains, emergency conditions, and more.

There is no graduate program in Athletic Training, but the Exercise Science program does offer graduate-level studies for Certified Athletic Trainers.

Degrees Offered:

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science program offers an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. The Exercise Science program prepares students for research, medical, and graduate programs in the field.

The graduate program offers a Master’s and Doctoral degree in Kinesiology. Students apply to an advisor whose research best reflects their own interests. Our esteemed faculty is world-renowned not only for their principal areas of research, but for their broad collaborative efforts. Principal areas of research include Work-Life Balance, Injury Prevention, Heat and Hydration, Exertional Heat Stroke, and Cardiovascular Health and Blood Pressure.

Degrees Offered:

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a profession concerned with the restoration of function and the prevention of disability accompanying disease, injury, or loss of a body part. Graduates may practice in a wide range of settings including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, public and private schools, private offices, homes, sports medicine centers, and industry. With advanced degrees, physical therapists practice as researchers and educators in college and university settings.

Degrees Offered: